Lord Agnew Joins a Bounce Back Loan Bounty Hunting Type Firm That Offers Their Services to Banks Wishing to Locate Their Wayward BBLs!

In another unusual twist of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme saga, it has just been announced that Lord Agnew has joined a “Bounty Hunter” type firm that will go on the hunt for wayward Bounce Back Loans that Lenders should not have issued and/or haven’t been repaid.

As Lord Agnew has publicly called out Starling Bank, it is not known if that BBL Lender will be eager to sign up to the service. In fact, when he resigned he had a go at a lot of Government Departments too. For reference he is also Director of a Payday Loan-esque type firm that got a Bounce Back Loan.

It is quite a niche marketplace, but Manolete Partners who have taken on Lord Agnew have had some success previously with their service, I have covered them before:

> https://mrbounceback.com/bbl-lender-uses-swat-team-bounty-hunters-to-go-tracking-down-neer-do-wells-who-scammed-them-out-of-bounce-back-loans

> https://mrbounceback.com/barclays-head-to-the-courts/

This is the announcement from Manolete Partners about Lord Agnew joining their team:

“Lord Theodore Agnew joined Manolete in February 2023 as an expert counter fraud adviser.

Lord Agnew supports Manolete in developing its practice in assisting UK financial institutions to recover monies for the taxpayer that were unlawfully misappropriated under the UK Government’s Bounce Back Loan Scheme.

Previously he was Minister of State at the Cabinet Office and Her Majesty’s Treasury from 2020 to 2022 with responsibility for counter fraud.

Prior to that he was Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Education from 2017 to 2020.”