Lloyds Saved the Day When Starling Declined Me

Just had this message from Starling. They originally said they needed more information. I sent an email and message asking what they require and have now had this!!!!

We have all the relevant documents required, for now, please allow time for us to review these – we’ll be back in touch once we have an update on your application.

You may want to put this on your group… I am a Lloyd’s bank personal customer.  As I am losing faith slowly in Starling I contacted Lloyd’s as they say on their website they aren’t accepting new business accounts. I applied this morning and have just been emailed to say my business account is open. I have an account number and sort code. Always good for a back up plan

Declined by Starling ST, 2019/20 accounts, been with them 7 months, 3 accounts, all in credit.

I opened a Lloyd’s account yesterday as I have been a personal account holder for 10 plus years. Applied a minute ago with them. Sent me an email saying accepted subject to standard checks as per government guidelines

Just wanted to say a massive thankyou to you personally.  I am a legitimate business and showed great faith in Starling bank to help me and my family through this difficult time.

Like many people I was for no apparent reason declined. Through your twitter page I was able to plan my next move based on people’s experiences.  I set up a business account on Friday with Lloyd’s having had a personal account with them for 10 plus years and applied with them Saturday evening for my BBL. I have just checked my business account, and the money was paid in today. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known what to do next, and probably lost my business.

Thankyou once again. You are definitely proof that not all super heroes wear capes !!!!!!!