Is the Idea Put Forward by One MP Regarding Turning the Bounce Back Loan Scheme into a Student Loan Type of Scheme a Good One? Give Me a Call and Let us Discuss It

OK everyone, let us face a few facts, many of you who have a Bounce Back Loan have had no other option but to take the PAYG options to delay repaying those loans, and many of you are worried sick about when the full repayment day arrives.

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It is time for us to collectively get the Government to listen to our ideas and suggestions regarding offering additional help and support to the many of us who want to carry on trading but are fearful of those loans taking their toll on our finances moving forward as we hopefully recover from the knock on effects of the pandemic.

I am therefore happy to take calls today (Wednesday) from any of you who want to add some input into the idea put forward by one MP to get the Bounce Back Loan scheme turned into “Student Loan” type of scheme, whereby you only start repaying the loan if you reach a certain threshold of income moving forward.

What that threshold should be needs discussion, and perhaps a few additional tweaks to the Student Loan scheme to make it more “business friendly”

If you fancy a chat which will be recorded and put together with other calls to produce a podcast, then feel free to give me a bell. You can of course remain 100% anonymous.

If you are up for that, send me an email to or send me a message on Twitter and I will give you the number to call or I can call you. I will be around all day Wednesday to take your calls and chew the fat.

I have been contacted by the MP who is pushing for BBLs to be turned into a Student Loan type of scheme by the way and will be speaking to him soon, so all feedback/suggestions/thoughts that you can give me will be appreciated, it truly will be, and with some badgering of additional MPs we can get Rishi and Co to listen to this idea.

If we are all to survive financially and save our sanity and businesses then ideas such as the one mentioned above need to be put out there, discussed and if a deal can be struck by all concerned acted upon.

Get in touch.