I’m Lucky Starling Approved Me

You truly are a man of the people for the Self Employed. Thank you for fighting our corner. We’re generally fighters, us entrepreneurs, but we’re getting tired and weary. I think this is going to be a week of revelations and truth. I’m glad we have you on our side, Thank you

Hello mate. Hope you’re keeping sane! I’ve just had a look at the Starling application. Is this new? I thought the whole clusterf*ck last week was because of affordability checks?

I just wanted to say a massive thank you. Your page has kept me sane, given me endless advice (from yourself and others), made me smile and kept me in the know.

You’re a blessing to all of us struggling through what should’ve been a simple form and payout.

I applied through Starling on Tuesday evening and thought my chances were pretty slim given their track record.

I gave up on the chances of Metro Bank pulling their finger out and my business really needed the cash injection. I got the approval at 16:30 today and money went in at 18:00. Keep up the amazing work, you legend. Thanks again

Sole Trader since 2016. New business account with them. Requested 24%. Excellent credit score. No ccjs etc. There’s no rhyme or reason with their approvals.