I Need Your Support for the Final Furlong – Help Me Remove the Paywall, Keep the Helpline Going and See the Bounce Back Loan Scheme Over the Finish Line or I Will Have to Move On

The day before the Bounce Back Loan Scheme was about to launch, I decided it would be a good idea to set up a humble little Twitter account, documenting peoples experiences of the scheme, which in turn would help those still trying to make sense of the scheme unravel its mysteries.

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Not long after the schemes launch I built and opened this website.

It soon became apparent many SME’s were missing out on one of those loans due to various reasons, and fortunately by doing what I was doing, that being passing on information about the scheme and Lenders, many people who would never have got a BBL finally did.

I remember the day the scheme went live and then the days, weeks, and months after its launch.

Over the three years the scheme has been around I have chatted to 10,000s of people with BBL’s and as you will know interviewed, harassed and been a right pain in the arse of all manner of people behind the scheme too.

You will not need me to tell you what followed after the BBL scheme went live, it was horrendous with more lockdowns and the cost of living crisis, inflation and more Prime Ministers than you could have hot dinners.

Having seen many SME’s getting a BBL I was there as they progressed through putting it to good use to save their businesses and then arriving at the repayment stage.

That latter stage has of course proven to be a nightmare for many of you out there, the latest arrears and defaults figures do the talking on that fact, with not far off £10billion so far already having been paid out in guarantees to the BBL Lenders or on the way to be.

I set up my BBL chat/helpline with one main purpose and that was to be a voice at the end of the phone people could talk to regarding worries and concerns about the BBL scheme.

It’s not like you can sit down with your friends or families and discuss a topic such as the BBL scheme and why you cannot afford to repay your loan.

Initially I offered it to anyone who wanted to call but was inundated with calls and as such to allow me to finance the operation and dedicate 12 hours a day to the help/chatline I made the number available to those who subscribed to the website and put up a paywall on the website, so for a nominal sum people could call me at any time.

I have spoken to 1000’s of you, and if you have ever called you know that I will chat to you for however long you need no matter at what time of the day or night you call.

However, the time is fast approaching when I want to remove the paywall, so people can access the wealth of information contained upon the website whilst also being able to access the help/chatline too.

The only way I can feasibly do that and dedicate so much of my time is with your financial support.

If I can raise enough through your donations to remove the paywall that is what I will do within one month of achieving it, once I reach the goal I will cancel all ongoing subscriptions so those of you already subscribed to the website will get your money’s worth before then, and I will then cancel all subscriptions one month before that date and remove the paywall.

If you are in a position to donate the link is below, your support up until how has helped me chat to lots of people in a very dark and lonely place and helped them make sense of things associated with their BBL, and I personally thank you for that.

Please help me remove the paywall and see the bounce back loan scheme over the finish line or I will have to move on. and I would rather do the former, as there are still sadly 1000’s of people out there in limbo and worrying about their BBL’s and need someone to chat to.

Thank You.

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