HM Treasury Treat Wound Me Right Up

That tweet from HM Treasury nearly tipped me over the edge

close a limited company

My neighbours think I’ve gone insane as I was out in the garden shouting ‘*******!’ not a shouting in the garden guy. *****! Rant over.

What is really burning me about all this nonsense is that they know who I am and I am a legit trader. The multiple debits in my current account  give the game away as to what I do for a living.

I’ve got a higher limit on my HSBC credit card than I asked for as a BBL! I have no recollection of them doing KYC checks on that nor when they jacked the credit card limit up each time without me asking.

I am in the very fortunate position that I won’t go tits up immediately even if we have to eat Honey and Lemon Lockett soup for a few days!

Some of the people on here are right up against it and it burns me that they are in such a mess and being put through so much stress due to no fault of  their own.

I emailed him very politely on Thursday asking for a progress update and no response. Fine they are busy. I emailed Friday AM again very politely asking for a progress update. No response. Emailed yesterday at close of play again politely for a progress update.

No response. All they need to do is respond and say no update at the moment but ignoring people and my only progress update is me looking at Equifax for soft checks is guaranteed to wind people up and makes the rest of the HSBCers look bad.

I will email him again. Sorry to moan at you because you are doing an ace job but everyone in my house is steering well clear of me at the moment (in reality they are all in bed asleep at the moment) as they think I’ve gone mental!