Have Your Say on Local Council Business Grants

Rishi Sunak thought it would be a good idea to give local councils the task of deciding which businesses to pay out business grants to, however as has become very apparent most of them have failed to do so.

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In fact, when questioned recently Rishi did say around only 30% of the money HM Treasury sent over to each council has so far been paid out to business owners, and that includes the discretionary business grants too.

He has gone on to say that councils will not get a penny of the new Restart Grants which are coming into play soon until they have fired out all of the payments for the last lot of grants they have received.

I can see most councils sticking two fingers up at him regarding that, as most of them seem to be in no rush to pay any of the original ones out anyway.



  1. Norwich city council is finding every and any reason not to pay; best one we have heard is that as a manufacturer we were not closed – even though all our clients are retail, hospitality and leisure. Apparently they checked our website and social media to determine what our business was, yet failed to notice who our clients were. You just couldn’t make this up!?

  2. Absolute waste of time, Cheltenham borough council still targeting same business sectors so been excluded through all grants

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