Halifax Changes Terms to Qualify for a Lloyds BBL

Ok. I don’t know whether you’ve had a message about this or not but your Twitter has kept me going and reminded me how amazing humans are. So, I want to do something about all the people who are at breaking point.

close a limited company

I haven’t got my bbl (but I’m lucky as the seiss arrived).but would happily donate some money to an account you set up so that you can give something to those who are in a worse position than me. It sounds as though you get truly harrowing DM’s and I think if people know there’s someone who gives a crap it will help. I know this is probably naïve but this whole situation where people’s lives are in the balance is just horrible.

Morning! Happy last day! Quick q I applied for a Lloyd’s account via Halifax just before they changed their terms ie having to have an account prior to 2 March.

Has anyone dm’d you about appealing that if they decline the app?. I know it was a loophole but man it’d be good to get an account with Lloyd’s…think I’ll be waiting til November for Barclays to sort it as still don’t have a business account with them yet and not liking how slow they are.

Update: Some people who managed to apply before the change in terms did apply and got paid