Bank CEO Email Addresses – Bounce Back Loan Complaints

I know that many of you have been lost in the Bounce Back Loan system, for many banks have either been so swamped with BBL applicants they are having to play catch-up or when they did make live their BBL system they did mess up and your application may never have been added onto the system.

The one problem most people do experience is not being contacted by the bank they applied to. You may be badgering the Twitter account of a bank, and not getting any replies, you may have tried phoning your bank up several times, and each time you do so you get a different response from the call handier.

One tried and tested way of getting a response, and a meaningful one at that is by contacting the CEO of your bank directly. While many such emails may end up being seen and answered by a member of the CEO’s team, rather than the CEO himself or herself, you are much more likely to see your complaint being looked into, by dropping them an email.

List of Bank CEO Email Addresses

To give you a few pointers of where you should be sending your complaints, below are a list of email addresses that many people have used, with some excellent responses by the way reported by many people that have taken this route of complaining.

HSBC CEO Email Address   (HSBC CEO) (Head of UK CEO Office)

Starling Bank

Santander CEO Email Address

TSB CEO Email Address

NatWest / RBS CEO Email Address

Yorkshire Bank CEO Email Address

Clydesdale Bank CEO Email Address

Co-Op Bank CEO Email Address

Lloyds CEO Email Address

Barclays CEO Email Address