Criteria Lenders Must Meet in Order to Reclaim BBLs (As Per Government Guarantee) and an Update on Publicly Naming Everyone with a Bounce Back Loan

This letter will be of interest to you if you are worried about the potential for those with a Bounce Back Loan to be named publicly on a Government website for all and sundry to nosy at, and also it contains information on the criteria lenders must meet to reclaim BBLs via the guarantee.

As for the naming of those with a BBL I am getting updates as they come in and am making everyone aware of the dangers, all of which the British Business Bank have outlined:

Also see this article for details of the naming of BBL recipients, it involves Lord Agnew, now there’s a thing…..>

Today I Have Issued and Sent the Following Notice of Grave Concern to the Chair and Members of the Treasury, Public Accounts and BEIS Strategy Committees Re Their Obsession in Naming BBL Recipients