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11 Year Disqualifications Handed Out to Company Directors for Blagging Two Bounce Back Loans One from Barclays and one from Paragon for Their One Single Company and For Not Declaring Their Business Was in Difficulty on the BBL Application Forms

The rules surrounding Bounce Back Loans were complicated for many people to get their heads around, and the British Business Bank, as you will see below, did make it clear on the 3rd of June 2020, that if you owned more than one eligible business you could apply for a BBL for each of them, that however is not what happened in today’s case which saw two Company Directors hit with an eleven year disqualification for bagging two BBLs for their one single Company. […]

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The Disqualification Files

Company Director Hit with a 7 Year Disqualification for Failure to Maintain or Preserve Adequate Accounting Records Which Meant the Liquidator Was Unable to Verify If £23k in Job Retention Payments and £30k in Eat Out to Help Out Claims Were Legit Even After a Visit by HMRC’s Hidden Economy Team

This case involves claims put in to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme which could not be verified for the reasons outlined, and ultimately saw a Company Director hit with a 7-year disqualification. […]

BBL Complaints and Outcomes

HSBC Block Customers Account as Part of a Review or “Safeguarding” Snatching Back That Customers Bounce Back Loan and Also Keeping His Non BBLs Funds – Ombudsman Says OK Keep That Extra Money After They Respond Very Late

Another barmy case to reveal to you today in which HSBC pull their usual dirty tracks, blocking a customers account, deciding they are snatching back a BBL and all other funds in his account, they then can’t even be bothered to reply to the Ombudsman’s on time, and keep that customer in the dark as to why they have done all of that. […]

BBL Complaints and Outcomes

Financial Ombudsman Decides NatWest Deserve a Slap for Taking An Age To Review a Customers Eligibility and Access to Their Already Approved Bounce Back Loan After Blocking That Customers Account and Orders Them to Pay Compensation

Many people out there are experiencing out of the blue “reviews” on their bank accounts and post drawn down checks on their eligibility to the Bounce Back Loan scheme, which can often see bank account access being restricted until such reviews are complete. A long and drawn-out case today in which Ben Jennings the Ombudsman orders compensation should be paid and gives his reasoning as to why. […]

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A 10 Year BRO Handed Out For Applying For and Getting a £50k BBL For a Business That Had Ceased Trading in 2019 and a 5 Year BRO Handed Out for Using a Chunk of a £42k BBL To Purchase Bitcoin Investments

A couple more cases of BBL wrongdoing have just come to light involving one chap who applied for and got a £50k BBL for a business that had ceased trading in 2019, and another chap who caused his bankruptcy by rash and hazardous speculation using Bitcoin investments. […]