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The Tourism Recovery Plan Among Other Things is Set to Target Gamblers with Vouchers which can be Redeemed at Tourist Attractions Across the UK

Nigel Huddleston was one of several MPs who yesterday announced the launch of the “Tourism Recovery Plan” put together by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport. That scheme is aimed at helping the tourism industry across the UK to recover in several different ways such as a “Bus Back Better” campaign and tickets to tourism attractions offered to gamblers playing the National Lottery. […]

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Tampon Tax Fund Grants Available for Charitable, Benevolent, and Philanthropic Organisations that Improve the Lives of Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Women and Girls across the UK

The Tampon Tax Fund has been set up to help distribute VAT generated funds charged on sanitary products to various Philanthropic, Charitable and Benevolent organisations that can help improve the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable women and girls across the UK, and applications for grants of at least £350,000 are now being accepted. […]

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For Those of You Desperate for Business Funding Do Not Forget the Start Up Loans Scheme As You May Be Pleasantly Surprised At How That Scheme Has Been Designed

If you have a nose on your face, then you will be more than aware at how the Recovery Loan Scheme is helping very few SMEs, and with the current chance of a BBL MKII Scheme looking highly unlikely, today I want to enlighten you on the Start Up Loans Scheme which has helped many people with a business that has been established for up to 2 years and those wishing to start a new business secure funding, and I have been getting good feedback on it too (makes a pleasant change). […]

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Been Convicted of Dropping Litter? Not Paid Your Tax Bill? All Possible Reasons a Bank Will Issue an Event of Default for a Bounce Back Loan!

I have been busy of late trying to make sense of the constant stream of snatch back letters many banks have been sending out, which are basically demands for the full and early repayment of Bounce Back Loans, and whilst some of the reasons they are sending such demands/letters out are obvious, some border on the downright outrageous, let me explain. […]

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WARNING – Some Banks Appear to Be Taking Full Monthly BBL Repayment Amounts Out Of Customers Accounts When They Have Taken One of the PAYG Options

As we are now in month thirteen since the launch of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme, that does of course mean that if you got one of those loans in the first few days of the scheme going live, your first repayment will soon be due. I am however receiving reports that some SMEs have had the full monthly repayment amount taken out of […]

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Day 2 and 8 Covid Tests – Do Not Get Ripped Off If You Are Planning a Holiday or Business Trip Abroad – Atruchecks NOT Recommended

A quick warning for any of you who may need to book the 2 and 8 day Covid tests if you are planning a holiday abroad or a business trip overseas, there are some, what appear to be Government approved rip off merchants out there who will threaten you if you attempt to complain to them (not that they can be contacted speedily anyway) when they fail to deliver the goods. Atruchecks let me down and they may let you down too. […]