The Disqualification Files

9 Year Disqualification for Bounce Back Loan Wrongdoing Regarding a £50k Lloyds Bank BBL and Perhaps Putting “Fresh Air Concept” On His Accounts Which Investigator Uncovers is the Name of an Outdoor Adventures Sports Retailer in Canada Was Not the Best Idea

Yet again it has been discovered that another Company Director as shown in this case has permitted all manner of wrongdoing with regard to a £50k Lloyds Bank Bounce Back Loan, which explains his 9-year disqualification. […]

The Disqualification Files

10 Year Disqualification for NatWest £50k Bounce Back Loan Recipient Who Over-Egged Turnover and Used the Loan For Personal Benefit

Maybe some people thought that bagging a Bounce Back Loan by over-egging their turnover and using it for personal benefit would not come to light when taking the Insolvency route, but as this case proves, such wrongdoing often does come to light and ends up with a long disqualification, which by the way was 10 years regarding the Company Director in this case. […]

The Disqualification Files

A Couple More Co-Directors Get 6 Year Disqualifications for Getting a Barclays £50k Bounce Back Loan, Sharing it Out Between Themselves and Using it for Personal Benefit

I am getting the feeling, that the next set of BBL guarantee claims that will be announced next year, if they are not suppressed or delayed, will, if they include the claims put in by the bigger BBL lenders (the last lot of figures didn’t) will be off the scale, looking at cases such as this one and the similar ones coming to light. […]

BBL Complaints and Outcomes

Ombudsman Takes 20 Months to Decide Not to Uphold a Complaint Regarding a Declined Santander Bounce Back Loan Application as They Say The Lenders Could Demand to Ask for Proof of Turnover Even Though It Was Self-Declared

If you need proof of just how pathetically slow the Financial Ombudsman Service can be regarding Bounce Back Loan complaints, then take a look at this one, which ultimately they decided not to uphold by trotting out the usual excuses. […]

The Disqualification Files

It’s the First Time I Have Seen a CBILs Turning Sour Due to Director Wrongdoing, and the One Associated with this Loan Has Just Received a 7 Year Disqualification

With the banks taking a small percentage of the risks associated with CBILs loans, rather that the Government giving the lender a 100% guarantee as with Bounce Back Loans, it is HSBC who has just seen the loan in the following case turning sour and as such is left to eat up a chunk of that loss. […]

The Disqualification Files

Co-Directors Given 11 Year Disqualifications for Applying for and Getting a £50k Bounce Back Loan for a Business with No Turnover and Not Even Trading and Using it for Personal Benefit Leaving it Unpaid at Liquidation

This case involves a £50,000 Barclays Bounce Back Loan, and will show you the ease at which some people were able to blag one of those loans with no great effort, then do as they pleased with the funds, until such a time as they took the insolvency route, and their wrongdoing came to light. The upshot is that both Co-Directors have just been given matching 11 year disqualifications. […]

The Disqualification Files

No One Will Ever Know If the Business in this Case Was Eligible for a Bounce Back Loan and Whether the BBL Was Used to Benefit That Business as Director Doesn’t Deliver Any Accounting Records to Liquidator and Duly Gets Slapped with a 7 Year Disqualification

A mysterious prototype vehicle modification and where a Barclays Bank Bounce Back Loan went are two questions left unanswered in this case which saw a Company Director hit with a 7 year disqualification for the reasons laid out. […]