BBL Complaints and Outcomes

Barclays Demanded a Tax Return to Process a Customers BBL Application He Tells the Ombudsman Look It Doesn’t Say That on the British Business Bank Website, Tough Says The Ombudsman They Don’t List All of the Rules and Doesn’t Uphold His Complaint

Here we go again, as you will see in this complaint it is another case of the Ombudsman stating the British Business Bank website was not to be relied upon for factual Bounce Back Loan Scheme related rules, and ultimately does not uphold a Barclays BBL related complaint. […]

BBL Complaints and Outcomes
BBL Complaints and Outcomes

NatWest Took 5 Weeks and nearly 6 Weeks to Decline a Customers Two Account and BBL Applications an Ombudsman States There Was Still 5 and 2 Days Left Respectively for Him to Apply to Another Lender Before the BBL Scheme Closed and Be Happy with the £350 They Offered as Compensation!

Another complaint that the Ombudsman has upheld regarding a Bounce Back Loan, and one in which they award the exact amount of cash as compensation the bank, NatWest offered to the customer in the first place. […]

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All Rishi's Fault

Having Lied to a Customer and Repeatedly Denied His Company an Account and Therefore a Bounce Back Loan Due to Their Errors the Ombudsman Awards £500 Compensation Saying She Can’t Award More as a Ltd Company Cannot Be Caused “Distress” Due to HSBC’s Idiocy

Another case to present to you in which a Bounce Back Loan lender, no surprise in guessing its HSBC lies and is proven to have done so, and the Financial Ombudsman Service offers a pathetic amount of cash as compensation. […]

All Rishi's Fault

HSBC’s Pathetic “Safeguarding Reviews” Leaves a Sole Trader No Choice But to Fold His Business After They Locked His Account and Refused Him a Bounce Back Loan Too, He Complains Demanding £800,000 the Ombudsman Say HSBC Acted Unfairly and He Can Have an Equally Pathetic £150

Having heard from lots of people experiencing the “safeguarding reviews” HSBC force upon their customers including those with Bounce Back Loans, this case that has just been upheld by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is a shocking insight into that failed account review procedure and is a warning to those of you who do get one forced upon you, and the toothless numpties at the FOS who think £150 is suitable compensation. […]

The Disqualification Files

Applying for and Getting a £50k Santander Bounce Back Loan By Over-Egging Turnover Results in a 5 Year Disqualification for a Company Director

Taking the Insolvency route knowing you over-egged the turnover of your business to get a Bounce Back Loan and leaving it unpaid will always results in a long disqualification, unless a sound reason for doing so is presented to the Insolvency Service, the Director named below however is currently starting a 5-year ban as no sound and well-balanced reason was put forth. […]