Bouncing Back Episode Four – Can a Lender Raid My Personal Bank Account When I Default on a BBL?

This is Episode Four in a series of new webcasts in which I will answer, in around 60 seconds or so, some of the most asked individual BBL related questions to my Helpline.

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Personal Bank Accounts Raided:

Santander Snatch Money from a Company Directors Personal Bank Account to Repay a BBL, Ombudsman Say Tough, You Weren’t Eligible for that BBL in the First Place and Transferred that Money From Your Business Account Anyway

Business Bank Accounts Raided:

Barclays Terminate a Business Owners Bounce Back Loan After a Review and Snatch Back Funds from their Account to Repay It the Ombudsman Confirms That is Allowed

HSBC Closed a Customers Accounts, Snatched Back Every Penny to Offset the Bounce Back Loan They Issued, the Ombudsman States They Acted Fairly But it’s the Courts Duty to Decide if They Discriminated Against Him on the Grounds of His Nationality

Ombudsman Gives His Outcome On Two More Complaints About HSBC In Which The Complainant Suggests Their Bank Accounts Were Closed and Bounce Back Loans Snatched Back on the Grounds of Discrimination