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Bounce Back Loan Kraken Files – Volume One

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You will no doubt have heard stories of people getting one or more Bounce Back Loans that they were not eligible for, and there was a lot of that going on during the lifetime of the BBL scheme.

Then there was the occasional story you might have read about telling you how people used their BBL’s to buy a new car or spent it doing up their homes or even buying a Rolex or two, I am sure you will have come across a few of them.

Some BBL recipients have gambled their Bounce Back Loans away or invested in cryptocurrencies and lost the lot.

This book is going to reveal the details of a huge number of Company Directors who took the money and wound up their businesses or pulled some other stunts and seriously abused that Government backed scheme.

You will also find out what “punishment” they received for their BBL wrongdoing, and of course just how much cash they had it on their toes with. One thing you will definitely spot however, is just how much of a postcode lottery those “punishments” are.

Keep in mind though, that it isn’t the Government’s money that is backing that scheme via the 1.5m+ guarantees that they have given out. It is your money.


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The Journey to Getting a Bounce Back Loan Written Off

I will lay out everything throughout this book so you can try and make sense of everything and connect the dots, which will allow you to work out whether a Bounce Back Loan you or anyone else you know has received, could end up being paid back to the lender by the Government with no come back on yourself.

Be aware there are also plenty of red flags that are going to be picked up at some point in time, if you broke the rules of the scheme.

I will look at how those rule breaks are being detected and what is happening to those who have been found to have broken the rules.

Ultimately though, and this is important, if you cannot afford to repay your Bounce Back Loan and did no wrong, it will be a credit loss for the Government.

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