August 28th Bounce Back Loans Update

With the arrival of Conister as a British Business Bank accredited Bounce Back Loan lender, interest from those currently denied the right to apply for a Bounce Back Loan by many other banks, who despite the expectations of the Government, have failed to open up their BBL facilities to non-customers is huge.

I am still waiting for one of their management team to get back in touch with me, having called them a couple of times and having sent them a list of questions that everyone wants answering.

Therefore, until I get to hear the answers to those questions from the horse’s mouth so to speak we are all left to work out as a community the convoluted way the Conister Bounce Back Loan scheme has been set up, but it is obvious they are being overwhelmed already.

A new addition to their website is the following:

The way their BBL facility has been designed is that you take their “Eligibility Checker” online and then submit your details, and their seemingly small BBL team will then email you out the application forms.

However, as they have become overwhelmed, and people are seeing delays in getting sent out application forms, some people who have been successful in getting an application form are simply passing on blank application forms to others who want to apply for a BBL with Conister!

Wow, no one saw that coming (sarcasm).

That will of course see Conister becoming even more overwhelmed with applicants, but hey ho that is all part of planet Bounce Back Loan, and one cannot blame anyone for trying anything to get a BBL when most other banks are failing to help them, or when a lender like Conister fails to get in touch with someone like myself (who has asked some easy to answer but important questions but hasn’t had the courtesy of a simple reply) who can pass on information to large numbers of BBL applicants and help put their minds at rest on the process.

My worry is that people are going to start getting stressed out and experience anxiety and possible mental health issues until Conister make known their intentions and simply let everyone know the way their BBL scheme will work, I have seen such situations arise with people applying to all other banks at some point over the last 3+ months, and it is something I do not want to see happening again, to anyone.

Have you applied with Conister? Are you now OCD-like checking your emails, are you getting stressed and worried? See that is my point on the above.

If you are wondering what we have managed to work out about the Conister Bounce Back Loan scheme so far then Click Here. As you will see with the updates, mass confusion is already setting in.

I will let you know if and when Conister get in touch with me, and become open, transparent and communicative.

In the meantime, just hang in there and wait to see what the next stages of their BBL application process are. But please, do not get too stressed out about it all, which is easier said than done.

I just hope and pray they are not yet another accident waiting to happen, as has sadly been the case with most other British Business Bank accredited Bounce Back Loan lenders.

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