A Quick Word on the Latest Bounce Back Loan Performance Figures – Do Not Feel Ashamed or Guilty If You Are One of the 405,110 Business Owners Unable to Repay Your Bounce Back Loan

If you look around the website you will find details of the very latest Bounce Back Loan data dump, in a nutshell 405,110 of the 1,536,039 BBLs drawn down are f*cked or well on their way to being.

close a limited company

Links to the Data

> Updated Figures on BBL Defaults, Arrears and Guarantee Claims Put in and Paid Out

> Individual Lender Performance and BBL League of Shame

If you have defaulted or S00n Have To

Please do not feel guilty or ashamed, it is not your fault there was a “pandemic” and Boris told you that you must close your business and not go outside, or you might die, and you must close/suspend your business, then as you sat there in a very, very vulnerable state, up pops Rishi offering you £50k by pressing a few buttons.

I am always available on my BBL helpline if you want a chat or just want to hear a friendly voice. You are not alone – Mike