The Disqualification Files

With No Accounting Records Delivered to the Liquidator There is No Telling Where This £35k NatWest Bounce Back Loan Went so the Company Director is Given a 7 Year Disqualification

There is certainly a pattern forming with some Company Directors who have taken the Insolvency route with a Bounce Back Loan left unpaid, of not delivering the accounting records of their Company to the Liquidator. That then leaves the powers that be often unable to determine whether a BBL was legitimately applied for and them also being unable to verify where the money went. When taking that stance, the ban they then ultimately are hit with is often lower in length than if they […]

BBL Complaints and Outcomes

A Starling Bank Employee’s Lies Led to a Customer Missing Out on Being Able to Apply for a Bounce Back Loan the Ombudsman Awards a Paltry £50 in Compensation

According to Ben Jennings the Ombudsman, Starling Bank removed its waiting list in the last few days of the Bounce Back Loan scheme allowing customers to apply via that banks online banking platform for a BBL, however  this customer was told to wait for an invitation to apply by one of their agents and therefore missed out on the opportunity to apply for one. […]

The Disqualification Files

Having Used £24k of a £40k NatWest Bounce Back Loan for Personal Benefit and Leaving That Loan and a Big HMRC Bill Unpaid at Liquidation Sees Another Company Direct Being Given a 6 Year Disqualification

The Company Director named in this case does appear to have got off light for his Bounce Back Loan wrongdoing, for I have seen lots of others who also used their BBL for personal benefit get much longer disqualifications when taking the Insolvency route. […]

The Disqualification Files

10 Year Disqualification for Company Director Who Got a £50k Barclays Bounce Back Loan Then Made Cash Withdrawals and Also Spent Money from that BBL at Restaurants, Shops, Supermarkets and Hotels

Blagging a £50k Barclays Bounce Back Loan by over-egging her business turnover, then going on a wild spending spree with that money was never a good idea, as the Company Director named below has discovered, and she is now starting a 10 year disqualification as punishment. […]

The Disqualification Files

Business Owner Gets a £50k Bounce Back Loan Off Both Barclays and NatWest for His One Single Company and Gets a 12 Year Disqualification for His Wrongdoing and Only He Knows Where the Money Went

Getting two £50k Bounce Back Loans for his one single company when only eligible for one £21k BBL and having not supplied sufficient or adequate accounting records to the Liquidator to show where those BBL’s went, results in the Company Director named below being given a 12 year ban. […]

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The Disqualification Files

Company Director Given an 11 Year Disqualification for Claiming the Turnover Declared to Bag a £50k TSB Bounce Back Loan Was for “Protected Sales” When He Needed to Use His Actual (Much Lower) Turnover Figure and Not Explaining What it Was Used For

Not seen a huge number of TSB Bounce Back Loan turning as sour but they didn’t issue that many anyway. As you will see from the case below, the Company Director did blag his BBL and is now starting an 11 year ban. […]