The Disqualification Files

Starling Bank Bounce Back Loan Left Unpaid with Company Director Slapped with a 5 Year Ban for Giving That Loan to Himself and Leaving it Unpaid at Liquidation

The turn of Starling Bank to lose another Bounce Back Loan today, but the Government will of course give them their money back, and as you will see from this case, even though it wasn’t a large one the Company Director has been given a 5 year ban for the wrongdoing listed associated with that loan. […]

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BBL Complaints and Outcomes

HSBC Take 6 Months To Tell a Customer of Complications With Their Account That Stopped Them Fully Processing His Bounce Back Loan Application Which He Never Got, the Ombudsman Says £150 Is Suitable Compensation

Delays caused by banks such as HSBC being inundated with Bounce Back Loan applications, which sadly saw many business owners missing out on getting one of those loans is heart-breaking, and here is one recent case an Ombudsman has just made a ruling on, which resulted in an award of £150 in compensation. […]

Guarantee Claim

Step By Step Guide To Getting Your Bounce Back Loan Guarantee Paid Out to the Lender

The cost of living crisis, concerns about the new Chancellors mental health and the decimation of GBP on the money markets after his mini-budget that wasn’t a mini-budget, and with huge numbers of businesses not recovering from the Pandemic, many business owners are now looking to the Government to repay their Bounce Back Loan. As a subscriber, if anything doesn’t make sense in this guide then make sure you call my hotline, and I will talk you through everything. I will now explain how things are currently playing out and will give you an insight […]

The Disqualification Files

Lenient 5 Year Disqualification Given to Company Director Who Bagged a £40k Santander Bounce Back Loan and Paid It To Himself Therefore Not Using It For The Benefit Of His Business

After reading this sorry tale, you will see why Santander are snooping into their BBL customers accounts and challenging them on anything that doesn’t look right with regards to their Bounce Back Loan application. The upshot of his wrongdoing has led to him being given a 5 year disqualification. […]

The Disqualification Files

Admitting Their Business Never Traded and Had No Turnover After Bagging a Lloyds Bank Bounce Back Loan Leads to Two Co-Directors Being Disqualified

Leaving the entire £30k Lloyds Bank Bounce Back Loan their business got owing at liquidation, that never actually traded and obviously had no turnover, and having transferred the money to themselves, and having not used it for the benefit of their business leads to two Co-Directors being given a 3 year 6 month and an 11 year disqualification. […]