Your Twitter Account Gave Me Hope for My HSBC BBL

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for running this

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This bounce back loan is the last lifeline for my business I’ve worked so hard on… I don’t get any self employment grant and I can’t access universal credit.

My amount is relatively modest, but it will mean the difference between opening up again or not. HSBC have no idea what sort of anxiety and stress this is causing us.

It’s bloody awful! I have a personal account with them and a business account with Monzo (who won’t apply to allow loans) I’m close to the absolute bloody edge and obsessing over my emails and bank account? – do you have any update on what on Earth they’re doing?

My dad AFTER me applied and got his over the weekend, and I’ve since reapplied. I can’t get through to them – what can I do next?!

I got a ref number and an email the second time

Oh my gosh! I got an email with the signature box this morning (9am) and the money hit my account when I’ve just checked now.

Talking to you has been the best good luck charm!