When Barclays BBL System Goes Wrong

Barclays holy mother of God, the executive team don’t know what’s going on or why things are blocked I’ve had three calls from three different people saying money will come saying I can now apply even though no I was told funds were drawn down.

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They didn’t know why they’re in the account when I try and reapply, I get an error, today they have instigated an overriding process or something for special situations but I’m not going to hold my breath

Why they’re not in the account, they are a nightmare the trick with Barclays is to keep trying until you get through to someone with a brain

I’m dealing with everybody there the problem is they don’t talk to each other, I’m dealing with a guy called Jason who is apparently head of the executive complaints, what looks to have happened is that my application has been approved but because it was one of the ones that shouldn’t have been applied for it’s been cancelled.

So the two sides of the system have knocked themselves out, additionally my other company they still can’t sort the KYC out even though it’s the same people as the current one and that’s in a black hole, and one of the lady still thinks the legal entities if separate can only have one application per person despite having told the three times that’s not the case and told Jason to sort her out, my relationship manager is so confused as well

Let’s see if this override thing they mention today is of any use they were getting permission or something absolutely ridiculous.