Want to Challenge Your Bounce Back Loan But Cannot Afford To Do So?

Every penny counts right now, and I know possibly a lot of you out there are going to want to challenge your Bounce Back Loan but simply do not have the funds available to set about doing so. You can challenge your BBL for a fee of £550 plus VAT (£660.00 in total) when using the services of the Back British Business team and that is a one off fee with nothing else to pay.

That fee is per business/BBL by the way, so if you have more than one business and have more than one BBL you will be charged that fee for each BBL you wish to challenge when using the Back British Business service.

Some of you won’t have that kind of money laying around and may feel you will miss out, well keep the faith, and hang in there for as sure as night follows day when enough people start making use of that service, any and all successes will start to be publicised.

Those of you that do make use of the service do keep me updated with your journey, and it will be worth signing up to the newsletter that the Back British Business team are going to be sending out as that will keep you updated with the progress they are making.

There will come a point in time when the £550 plus VAT (£660.00 in total) fee they are charging may be worth paying, but if you are struggling financially right now and cannot afford to pay it then adopt a wait and see approach, I will be keeping track of things either way, good bad or ugly.

Discount Offered

If you want to make use of the service offered by Back British Business, then there is a fee to pay and currently that stands at £550 plus VAT (£660.00 in total). Keep in mind the discount offered by the EUA Campaign which will knock £50 off that fee.

It’s a genuine discount so one worth making use of if you do want to utilize the challenge your Bounce Back Loan service.

You Have to Decide for Yourself Whether to Challenge Your BBL

It is going to be your decision whether you do make use of the service offered by Back British Business, and as such please do think about your options moving forward.

I am not offering any type of advice, legal or other, but am committed to ensuring you are aware of all of the options available to you, and I am carefully watching the progress made by the Back British Business team in getting BBL’s either written off or reduced in value and will continue to report on that aspect and all other aspects of the BBL scheme moving forward.

Having seen the stunts pulled by banks and those in charge of the rules of the scheme and their flat out refusal to acknowledge the problems the BBL scheme have caused and the devastation to many businesses moving forward, the time has certainly come to challenge those loans.