Waiting For Tide to Give Me a Bounce Back Loan

Hello mate I’m new here . I just saw your update and I see a little hope. I’m waiting with Tide for a month and a half but I lost hope with them. Like same every one I need them money too. I have a halifax account and Can I apply for BBL with Lloyd’s with this account or I have to apply for new business account. Thank you very much any little help it’s important for me

Note: If the account with Halifax was open before March the 2nd then you can get a Lloyds business account set up rapidly and will then be able to apply for a BBL and get paid in 24 hours, so make sure you get onboard with them if that is the case mate!

Thank you for your advice. Yes the acc was open a years ago but I never use it as a sole trader. Just was transferring money from the business acc to it. Have to find another way. I apply with metro bank on Monday I mean I fill the application form but nothing from them yet

Will see what will happen. Thank you again for your fast respond and the advice. Stay blessed