Waiting for a Card and Reader to Access BBL

I’m so impatient when it comes to waiting for something

Literally logging in every 10 minutes. Need to go make myself a coffee and leave it for the day I think

Makes sense given it would be a batch run payment I imagine

The next challenge assuming it goes in, is moving it. Can’t pay anyone until my debit card and card reader arrive, as cannot setup a new payee without it seems.

If this comes through, it seems Lloyds group are the diamond in the rough.

Still waiting, will check again in an hour

And in an interesting twist, I may have landed myself in some trouble, just rang them asking if they could set up a new recipient for me so I can transfer money to my other business account to pay off some suppliers.

The woman was a) amazed I’d opened a new account as I wasn’t using my personal account as a primary account and b) said that they can only transfer payments to other accounts held with them by me

Still no loan dropped, although debit card has been approved and will be delivered back end of next week apparently

No change here unfortunately. Safe to assume if it’s going to happen it will be after the weekend, I guess