Very Long Wait But HSBC Did Finally Pay

Hello, thanks for all the help been following your Tweets since the 5th. I applied for HSBC on Monday morning when they first came out, got business account with them already ltd company. got the email to sign etc on Thursday which was done straight away but haven’t still been paid?

close a limited company

Starting to get worried that they might of changed their mind or something. Anyone that I seen on here that sign the agreement and that was paid couple days after. Have you spoke to anyone in the same boat as me mate? Really appreciate your help

It’ll be a week tonight since I signed the documents just don’t understand where the hold up is.

Still no joy for me, I signed the documents last Thursday, don’t understand how people who signed this week have been paid when people from last week still waiting for funds

Eventually been paid last night May 16, applied Monday the 4th got the doc to sign on 7th. Thanks for all the support mate, hopefully everyone be paid soon.