TSB Making Me Jump Through Hoops

So my husbands main bank is TSB he put around 60,000 through his personal account last year doesn’t have a business account.

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In order to apply for a BBL with them he needed to open a business account. He got declined for this probably because he has bad credit.

Why are banks not letting you apply for a BBL with personal accounts as long as you can prove you have a business. He managed to open a startling account but not holding out much hope with them. Not sure what else to do? He’s a gas engineer and only had 2 jobs since 20th March!

Honestly the saga continues. Husband can’t get through his every day bank TSB tried Santander as had an account with them for years doesn’t use very often but always money in it. Just got declined. Other banks not taking on new customers holding out for HSBC. He doesn’t qualify for anything else this is awful

Thanks the whole point of these loans was to be easily accessible which they definitely are not especially if your own bank won’t help you! I’m with Bos and they were flawless why can’t the rest be like them!