TSB and My Nightmare BBL Journey

Just spoke to TSB they are not paying out within 24 hours it is “within the next working week” i did try and explain that is not how it is supposed to work but it was like talking to a brick wall – would anticipate most people getting paid end of next week if they are with TSB

I’m confident tsb will pay out , I am fortunate to have a business that is propping up the other two at the moment however that is not a situation that will go on much longer. Feel for anyone else with tsb who needs it today to survive

Thought I would give you a further update on TSB.

Still no money as of yet, however spoke with them this morning, Basically the problem is that the business team don’t get the signed loan paperwork until the end of the working day you “signed” it, meaning they can’t access it until the next working day.

So if you signed Thursday at 2pm they will not have seen that until this morning. They are then aiming to get money to businesses within 48 hours

More woes with TSB, Still no money – They have decided that they are going to work though all the applications they got over the weekend before processing any of the people who have signed paperwork and been approved. You now need to sit and wait for an e-mail that will tell you they have done everything and then wait 24-48 hours for a draw down. I have never previously had issues with TSB but this is the worst it has ever been

For TSB People who are worried:

They need to get on the phone and call the business team and demand answers, I have spent 4 hours on the phone today and They can’t tell me why money has not been paid. From what I got told it is “at branch level” that payments are being made not from a centralized source. I now have a “Lending Manager” looking into what is going on and why it has not been paid, I have raised a formal complaint as TSB are in breach of the loan agreement.