The Joy When a Long Time Lurker Finally Gets a BBL

Note: A “Lurker” is the name I affectionally give people who DM rather than tweet on the Twitter account, they do this for various reasons. There are way more Lurkers than followers by the way.

We’ve got funds!! From BARCLAYS! I’m beside myself, my face is leaking!?

But I wanted to thank you, I lurked from day one and I’m so grateful to you and the support you offer us all. I really want the best for you! There aren’t enough people like you in the world – whoever you are! Happy to help where I can for others too. THANK YOU!

Me: “aww I am crying with you, well done girl get in there”

Thanks buddy! I’m beside myself!? I knew how much it was weighing on me, genuinely looked around our house today and prepared myself to say goodbye – definitely hiring that bouncy castle for the little mans birthday now! You’re an angel!

Me: “It really was my pleasure, this makes me so happy lots of you long timers been paid today its great. Make sure you treat your little man and yourself then use every penny to bounce back x Oh and when I see lots of you being paid I often shed a tear I have been on that journey with you too x”

Absolutely! Drinking a glass of rose in the last of the sunshine with a bit of Dylan playing and Monday we start fighting back! I can’t wait!!