The British Business Bank Have Responded to My Complaint Re The Wording on Their Website That States: “The Borrower Always Remained Fully Liable For The (BBL) Debt.” – Read Their Reply

I recently fired off a complaint to the British Business Bank with reference to the wording on their website, you can read that complaint in full here >

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Please read the above as it will give you full context of my complaint whilst at the same time being informative.

In a nutshell I asked them to change this on their website:

“The borrower always remained fully liable for the debt.”

To this:

There are some circumstances that will result in a BBL Borrower ceasing to become part liable or fully liable for a BBL debt, either before or after defaulting on a Bounce  Back Loan. (Then perhaps a fully transparent list of the circumstances in which a BBL  borrower will not become fully or part liable.

Their reply was, in a nutshell, this:

However, BBB does not consider that a list of scenarios would be appropriate because such a list could never be exhaustive and could never reflect the particular circumstances of any individual reading the website.

Here is their reply:

Once you have read that, for added peace of mind read my initial complaint, the link again >

Now, read on, the clues are there.