The Agony of the Tide BBL Waiting List

My first business was a founder member when I was a sole trader and I have had accounts with them since around late 2015.

I registered for the BBL with them on the 11th of May when they opened the so-called queue and have heard nothing.  My current business was incorporated in April 2018.

I feared asking them my position in the queue given the experiences of others but as a so called “Premium Member” I have sent them a message tonight, though I am not expecting a Premium reply.

Note: I have received lots of complaints about Tide regarding their waiting list. Some people have been told their position on the list will never change, some have been told their position does move, some even have asked on several days to be told their position on the list is dropping down the list not up, and many have been told they cannot be told their position in that list.