That is What Happens When You Ignore People

Now dear website visitor, you are going to have to bear with me on this one, for the events that played out yesterday over at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C is what happens when you ignore people who simply want their voices heard.

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As I sat watching the objections to the U.S. Election results begin to be voiced, then the supposed “coup” taking place it reminded me of the current situation in the U.K. regarding those not able to get a Bounce Back Loan, and those business owners that have been excluded from any type of Government help since the pandemic began.

What do I mean by that, well look at how those who say that there were more votes cast than votes issued or voters, those who say they saw suitcases of ballots pulled out in the dead of night from under a table and how Republican vote watchers were not allowed to watch votes being counted, along with everything else they have been alleging.

Has anyone in power actually said, let me investigate this officially for you by a 100% accurate forensic audit, and then determine if what they are saying is true or a complete conspiracy theory. No, in fact that is all those who allege that wants to happen, a forensic audit to either prove them right or wrong.

Now switch things around a little and compare it to Bounce Back Loans…..

People claim that the media giants are trying to silence anyone who questions ballot or election fraud:

Could the same be said for those trying to help anyone with a BBL problem or enlighten them on what is going on or how they can address such problems when the banks ignore them, the British Business Bank ignore them and they do not know what is going on?

The above information is out there in the public domain, but hey ho…..

Those in power in the U.S. it is alleged who can step in and get things sorted out and prove election fraud or not are not prepared to listen or help.

Could the same be said for those trying to do the same to get those in “power” and the “rule makers” of the Bounce Back Loan scheme to listen to the problems there are with the scheme, let us say you uncovered a major problems with a shared industry database and have the “receipts” to prove it….

How do those in charge of the scheme react…..

They then go quiet when you say you are happy to prove what you are saying is true….

Let us say you wanted information on the BBL scheme to prove or disprove any irregularities and say for example you submitted a slew of Freedom of Information requests….

But wait they say you have not given us your name when firing off those FOI’s:

But neither have you I say

So I play their game

Days pass then they roll out and reset the 20 day rule regarding when they will respond, funnily enough in a reply to a tweet I put out without them tagged into it, so they cannot suggest they never see any tweets I send out without them tagged into them. I submitted my FOI’s initially on the 30th of November 2020, they finally agreed to start their clock ticking on the 20 day rule on the 18th of December….

Either way dear website visitor, look at the date, today is the day when I should get the FOI’s sent to me, I shall not hold my breath though, just in case.

Oh, and fear not, those who are associated with the British Business Bank are looked after either way:

Those in America claim the are press sympathetic with one group of voters are not reporting both sides of the alleged problems with that election and just tell one side of the story.

I have seen similar things done with Bounce Back Loan related stories in the press too:

I could go on and on and on, suffice to say if you continue to ignore people, as has happened in the U.S. eventually people will decide enough is enough.

That small business owner sat at home right now in lockdown with no income coming in who has been desperately trying to get a Bounce Back Loan since May but cannot do so as no banks are accepting new customers feels ignored.

Those who are waiting for a Bounce Back Loan top up with the likes of HSBC who have been waiting now for 8 weeks and two days feel ignored.

Those who cannot access a single penny piece in additional financial help and have not done so since lockdowns began certainly feel ignored.

I am confident that no one is going to storm Number 10 or the House of Commons and attempt a “coup” but you cannot keep ignoring people when their businesses, livelihoods and current and future mental well-being depends on their voices being heard.

Boris and Rishi, no good will ever come of you or other Government owned organisations ignoring people.

I care not whether you voted Trump and like him or voted Biden and like him, if many people are saying something is not right simply investigate it and prove them wrong or if perchance, they are right, investigate it and immediately put that wrong right.

Maybe those in power in the U.K. could put the “wrong” of the 29 Bounce Back Loan lenders not accepting new customers “right”, and also finally help those who have received not a single penny piece in real financial support for months.