Thanks for Being There Mr Bounce Back

Hi Buddy, just a thank you for keeping me sane.

I’m a Metro Bank customer with as much luck as a pangolin in a Wuhan market avoiding being eaten at getting a BBL.

Frankly I spent 15 years as a police officer, working on fatality teams picking up the pieces of those who thought they had nowhere to go, mostly caused by finances.

Having set up my own company many a year ago, I never thought I’d see how my mind could get so close to having those thoughts.

The banks have done such a good job at finding ways to circumvent this process I’m shocked at how little attention it has had.

I’ve been damn low, even close, but ploughing on, but I wanted to say thank you for what you are doing.

As a person who knows how to identify those ‘rogue’ thoughts I thought I’d reach out and say the spirit in your profile of late will help many.

I wish you well and hope to buy you a pint when this is all over!