Take a Look at the Percentage of Bounce Back Loans Each Lender Has That Have Gone Wrong Or Conversely Are Currently Tickety-Boo and On Track – Conister Are Currently Worst of All With a BBL Failure Rate of a Mind-Blowing 77.10%

Below you will find the names of all Bounce Back Loan Lenders and the percentage of their respective BBL Loan Book that are either on track or have gone wrong.

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These figures are based on the latest figures that landed on my desk on the 28th of November 2023 and cover the period up to and including the 30th of Sept, and for reference the “On Track” column reveals each Lenders Bounce Back Loans that are being repaid on schedule along with their BBLS that have been fully repaid.

The “Gone Wrong” column includes their respective BBLs that are in arrears, in default and those BBLs that each Lender has put a Government Guarantee claim in on.

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