Still Waiting for My HSBC Feeder Account

I am waiting for feeder HSBC, NatWest threw away my application along with a lot of other people’s. Been with tide a year or so so hoping they pull their finger out soon

4th of may I applied, had a phone call the other day after emailing CEO and they have arranged a telephone call for Monday morning. However the account may not be opened for a while yet he said

I’d prefer tide to be honest as it’s just easier but zero clarity with them, I cannot understand why either, can’t even ask simple yes/no answers.

I try not to join in on the mass criticism as it only raises fear and anxiety for others but it is a joke in all honesty and not a way to run a business in troubled time’s, your doing a good job..many have tried to replicate you so far but have not shown the commitment…maybe you should open a bank ?