Still on the Tide BBL Waiting List

Hey – thanks so much for your hard work here! Here’s my BBL experience so far… (I have a coffee shop in Hertfordshire open just over a year ago)

 BBL Legal Advice  BBL Legal Advice close a limited company close a limited company

Business bank with Tide. Applied initially as soon as we could for HSBC feeder before Tide were accredited.

Chased a few times, on the waiting list, don’t call us we’ll call you – nothing yet.

On the wait list with Tide as soon as it opened – again nothing yet. I have 5 staff, mostly family, and the only coffee shop in our area, still closed as we can’t burn money until we have this buffer. Our shop is tiny, so take-away only will seriously hit our potential income.

Also, applied for Starling account, cards arrived – abandoned due to feeling hopeless and waiting on Tide!