So Many Complaints About HSBC

Hi. Thanks for your help. I’ve been following everything here. I applied for a HSBC business account about three weeks ago and got approved last week. I applied for a bounce back loan last week but haven’t been approved yet

close a limited company

I escalated complaint to the CEO and have just been told to wait and they are processing them

Why would people apply for a feeder instead of business? I went for the business account and got approved without any credit checks being done

As someone who started trading in January 2020 as a sole trader im fully eligible for the loan

What have you seen from those who have business accounts? I think it’s a good thing I got a business account but now have no idea if they’ll give me the loan or not

Notes: Lots of feeder account applicants have been declined in the few weeks at HSBC, and the same with Business Account applications, you will just have to wait to find out the outcome, as like all other banks they have some huge delays in processing new accounts.