Sick and Tired of Barclays Website Errors

Hello there, first and foremost just wanted to thank you for doing such a good job collating and advising to the masses.

close a limited company

I just wondered if you can advise any further to the following please? I applied with Barclays business on Monday 4th, day of BBL launch, all the way to the confirmation screen. 9 days in, no update, no contact but now told the application hasn’t been received via DM.

I messaged last week initially, my details were taken, advised I’d get a call back which never happened. Chased it up again and told the app was never received. I now can’t reapply due to continually getting error 41 (as the majority of people are). Frustrated is an understatement

Note: All manner of website problems have been reported by applications trying to apply for a Bounce Back Loan from Barclays.