Santander Taking Ages to Process BBL’s

Hi so do you think if you did not receive the mass email from Santander that you have a better chance of getting the bbl?? I applied on the 9th

Me: Maybe, they appear to be throwing out the ones that do not fit their criteria. Theirs not the BBL’s

So hopefully that looks promising if I didn’t get the email, but will probably still get a kick in the teeth soon

Santander are a shambles, but it seemed to work to phone the business banking and ask to be put through to complaints team, told them how this was effecting my mental health and had hit rock bottom, had a few calls since and within 48 hours all esign docs signed, hope this helps

Been a total shambles of a bank, but light at the end of the tunnel

Sole trader using personal account as well

Me: Lets get you paid

Will let you know when I do

Received payment this morning from santander