Progress with My HSBC Bounce Back Loan

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Thanks for all your advice I have followed and read all your content, I never thought I would receive anything as didn’t have an account with any of the other banks just a cash plus account,

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I got set up with HSBC as a new account received this on the 8th, applied on the 12th and after emailing the CEO with your advice, the BBL is in my account only signed the docs yesterday afternoon, can use it now, been just over 2 and a half weeks from applying for a hsbc account which I think is very good.

I can’t fault what HSBC they have been great, I tried being patient but was down to the bare Bones to operate and just in the nick of time before Wages tomorrow.  Thanks so much, fingers crossed for everyone else hope they get what they deserve

I decided to get a normal account and run my business from HSBC, and yes if that helps anyone that’s great and yes just edit me out if you can, thanks again for your support I don’t think I would of even applied if it wasn’t for this page