Problems Getting a Lloyds Business Account

I read your post about someone who opened a Lloyd’s current account and the chap was able to upgrade to a business account and then applied for BBL and got paid.

Well there maybe some truth in it and I opened a current account today with no issues. Then I called the business team and spoke to an amazing lady for an hour and a half who showed me a way round the system to be able to apply for a business account.

She really was the nicest person I spoken to (apart from yourself ) and low and behold it seems to have worked.

I submitted my ID docs for verification for my business account and hoping in the morning to be able to apply for a BBL for Lloyd’s. If this works we will be able to help a lot of people who are really struggling with HSBC right now. I’ll keep you in the loop if it happens. Thanks for your support

Still still waiting for Lloyd’s I’m running out of time

Note: Lloyds now offer an onboarding service for current account holder, please see their website for details.