PPE Supply Company Having Problems with a BBL

My business actually provides PPE so I’m going to try calling HSBC/Barclays on Monday and see if I can get things accelerated

Hi mate, hope you’re well,

Just a quick update,

On Thursday I applied for HSBC (full business current account).

Today my fellow director sent of his signature verification document so now my application is in the pre-approval stage.

I also called the Hsbc bounce back loan number yesterday where they’ve told me I do not need to wait for my account to be fully open to apply for the BBL with them, so I applied there and then with the chap on the phone. He informed me to wait for an email for where they send me a form which I have to fill out (additional info regarding bbl I think).

Seeing your posts regarding emailing the CEO, would you say now is a good time to send an email? Or wait till my account is open/once I send off the form? And if so, what would be good to write in the email?

Note: If you have been waiting and have heard nothing back or feel you are being given the run-around by any bank, then get in touch with the CEO’s office at the bank you are having problems with.