Pleased to Announce that One of the Tide Nominated Bounce Back Loan Debt Collectors, Lupton Fawcett, Have Now Started Removing Their Illegal, Immoral and Totally Against the Rules BBL Defaulter Fees and Charges After I Exposed Their Filthy Scam

Just a quick update on the Tide BBL Defaulter scam which saw their debt collectors adding fees and charges onto the debts owed by those in difficulty with their Bounce Back Loans.

close a limited company

I have just been contacted by one of their customers who was a victim of that scam, he informed me the debt collectors have now removed all of those fees and charges.

I asked the BBB for a comment…..

British Business Bank spokesperson said:

We routinely verify that lenders are acting within scheme rules and take appropriate remedial action if any breaches are found, including with respect to any borrower detriment.”

For the full insight into that scam, follow the link below.

Labour’s First “Covid Corruption Commissioners” Success and That Person Isn’t Even Chosen Yet! – Part One, Two and Now Three of My Video Series Explaining How Tide and Their Bounce Back Loan Debt Collectors are Scamming BBL Borrowers – Conservative Government Refusing to Step In and Stop Their Scam, Thankfully Labour Came to the Rescue of Vulnerable BBL’ers