Phone Calls, Trip to Branch, Email to CEO

Hi mate, just logged on for the first time since friday, cant believe what I’m reading regarding Santander and another mass culling of STs, disgusting. Was wondering if u could get me the email for the CEO of Yorkshire bank from the person who got paid out today. I am sick of waiting here 3 weeks and I’ve seen people apply with 3 different banks and ve paid out in that time. Cheers

Messaged him when he comes back online I will have it so ask me later if i dont get back to you as it will move you up my inbox as I will lose the message otherwise

Again thanks very much for everything u are doing here. Keeping a lot of people sane in these trying times. Deserve some award when u can finally retire the page

Loan has been approved and funds will be with me in 24 hrs, it’s only taken 3 weeks, numerous phone calls, 10 emails, 1 official complaint, 1 trip to my local branch and an email to the CEO, Clydesdale Bank, sole trader with a personal account. I need to thank this page with everything they have helped with, whether that’s information, an ear to vent some anger to or just a lurk to see what is happening with other banks, I really hope all banks stop making it this hard for people to access these funds and I am here, DMs open if ANYONE feels like they need to vent some anger or just general support in any dark times. Thank u again and hopefully u get to retire this page soon enough

Feels like a weight has finally been lifted and credit to David Duffy someone replied to the email I sent him within 5 hours and was sorted within 6, shouldn’t take that but he obviously doesn’t realise how broken his system is at the moment. A large drink without the stress or thought of refreshing my browser feels like I deserve it

I feel sorry for anyone going through the mill, I just hope they read my message to u and see there is light at the end of the tunnel, persistence and being courteous i feel is key, as pissed oFf as I’ve been I’ve never shown it fully to the Clydesdale when contacting them. I am going nowhere and hopefully I can help 1 person like you’ve helped me. Thanks again, can’t stop thanking u, but it is truly deserved