Paid Bounce Back Loan in 3 Days by HSBC

Hi mate, I am one of your lurkers on here as I didn’t want my business name on the thread but I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for 100’s of people on here, I was lucky.

close a limited company

I got my HSBC bbl in 3 days but I know many many people were not that lucky and for them you have in some cases literally been a lifesaver, whatever you do next you can be sure you have changed some people’s lives for the better and when all is said and done that is all we can ever strive for, so enjoy your ‘retirement’ and good luck to you

Me “been a rough ride for a lot of people”

Absolutely, I don’t know how some of them coped

Are you going to go public when it is all over or just slide into oblivion?

Well good luck to you in whatever you decide, but I am sure there are a considerable amount of people who would like to thank you properly!

Me “thanks for that it means a lot”

I don’t think you should under estimate what you have meant to some people, we have all been in dark places over the years and all have needed someone to help in even a small way, I certainly have and you never forget people’s kindness believe me, All the very best to you