Overcame Barclays Website Error and Have Now Been Paid

Appreciate the follow! I got screwed over by this covid 19 from this morning it didn’t seem positive with the response but it’s looking good from other people finally

 BBL Legal Advice  BBL Legal Advice close a limited company close a limited company

I haven’t received any fund myself tried to apply May 4th but I went way below my means due to the uncertainty think it possible to pay back early and re apply in the coming months

Never guess what

BEEN PAID! But out of all respect thought I check back and let you know!

THANK YOU! And thank you again from my prospective you know to Engage with people and it is very lighting to see you’ve helped me and so many other I will continue to follow this account and when I find time I will make a thread of my experience on a random account to help put it across