Nothing But Errors with My Barclays BBL

Hi – firstly can I say thanks for being there for so many. You are making a difference.

close a limited company

Strange one – started trying to apply for a BBL with Barclays for a limited company on 4 May.

Had various errors over the last couple of weeks like so many, but it eventually changed to unable to process your loan.

Done all the usual over the last weeks, held on calls for hours, promised call backs, logged call backs, tried various operating systems, logged complaint, etc.

So two weeks in, still not even got to an application form. Then lo and behold, yesterday, I get a call from a non- business Barclays guy who’s been drafted in to help to say it’s been declined!!! Haven’t even applied yet!!!

Reason given – company inactive!!! What!!! Accounts filed, guys on furlough – what on earth are they talking about!!