No Joy Yet with Clydesdale Bank

Hi I am sorry to bother you but I was hoping if you can point me in the right direction some restless nights and anxious moments.

Been self-employed since Jan 2020 and now struggling. I am on the waiting list for Starling, Tide and HSBC for both a feeder and business account. I managed to get a Clydesdale business account opened and applied for a BBL I never got declined but got the following via a secure PDF….

It says unable to locate an active account! Further down it says if you still wish to apply reapply checking account details!

So not declined! I emailed them back no response. I emailed CEO no response. I phoned and eventually got through and was told my account has no activity I explained it only opened on 05/06 and before I used my personal account to which all docs plus tax return was given before you opened account.

I am unsure where to go from here should i reapply or raise a complaint what would be quicker as financially I am now struggling.

No response from anyone even CEO so as the email clearly stated to reapply as i had not been declined. I have done just that applied as a new case and appealed against the original surely one will come quicker than the other. You are doing a fantastic job well done and keep it up