News Flash – Another Mr Bounce Back “Fireside Chat” Coming Soon – This Time With a Major Bounce Back Loan Lender

Just wanted to update you on the project I have been working tirelessly on since my visit to Westminster.

I was approached by one of the bosses of a major bank in the Palace of Westminster and we had a quick chat, and I presented them with a letter in which I asked them if they would be prepared to have a further chat about aspects of the Bounce Back Loan scheme that are worrying many of you out there.

To cut a long story short, I can confirm, having just spoken to that bank boss minutes ago, that we are now going to film a “fireside chat” with that bank boss, members of the bank team and a few “others” and I will be discussing the myriad of things you have been telling me you are worrying about regarding your BBL.

Just so you know, I want this video (and it will be) done in a way that you can make sense of the state of play with the BBL scheme, and it will be presented in such a way that you can make sense of things that are causing many of you distress or sleepless nights.

Time is of the essence, and I am hoping that in a week (ish) it will be filmed and put out there.

I will leave Ministers and MPs to continue to scratch their heads and try and make sense of the BBL scheme, as I am now concentrating on getting YOU a deep and full insight and overview on things such as arrears, defaults, and other aspects of the scheme you are desperately seeking answers to.

I have more than enough questions to put to the team, but as always if you are in a dark place, I always welcome your messages and emails, and will ensure questions you have will be answered in the video, anonymity is guaranteed by the way as it always has been if you want to reach out to me.

I want as many of you out there as possible that are worried to finally get a full night’s sleep, keep the faith this is going to be one video you will want to watch.

I will keep you updated.