NatWest Platinum Personal Account Holder Declined

Hi, I got a call from Natwest after 2 weeks of waiting to open a feeder account (I’m an existing NatWest Platinum personal account holder).

The guys on the phone asked me questions about how i traded and what my income was etc He pretty much sounded like he was trying to catch me out by not opening the account for me thereby not being able to get the loan.

He later said he would get back to me by mail for some VAT enquiries and this is what he came back with.

Dear Mr . XXX

We’ve reviewed your application for a Business Current Account and we’re sorry but we won’t be able to take it any further

Having completed our standard checks and assessments, we’re unable to approve your application because the information you gave us doesn’t match with what we’d expect to see for a business operating in your sector.

As a result you’ll need to make alternative banking arrangements for your business. There isn’t an opportunity to appeal this decision.

Kind regards

New Business Team