NATIS, the Bounce Back Loan Door-Kicking Police Department Are Now Targeting Suspected BBL Fraudsters Bank Accounts and Also Securing Cash Forfeiture Orders

It has been quite a while since NATIS, who if you didn’t know are the Bounce Back Loan Door-Kicking police, have been out and about kicking in doors, for reference you will discover more about their exploits here  >

close a limited company

They are however, famed for kicking in doors around Christmas time, so perhaps we will soon discover where they have been and whose collars they have felt shortly. If they do any raids in the coming days/weeks, I will let you know.

If on the other hand, a couple of vans and a few police cars pull up outside your house, and you did pull some stunts to get a BBL, their team will soon bash their way inside your house, so best open the door!

Anyway, I digress, they are however busy working in their office, and very recently having been targeting suspected BBL fraudster banks account having had successes by their Civil Recovery Unit, who have obtained 5 Account Freezing Orders, 3 totalling just over £13,941 for a period of 12 months and 2 of which, totalling over £26,161 for a period of 6 months. Both investigations have links to suspected BBL Fraud.

Their Criminal Finance Team did also recently secure a £199,900 Cash Forfeiture Order at Birmingham Magistrates relating to BBL fraud. NATIS has been awarded £3,600 in legal costs. This is another positive result as we continue to recover fraudulently obtained public sector funds.

Oh, and they have been sending out invitations to some people to meet them in local police stations, so they can chat to them about BBLs they have acquired….